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Swinton Car Insurance

  • £40 cash back on new policies
  • 25% online discount
  • Up to 65% no claims discount
  • Optional legal protection
  • Discounts for bundled services

Swinton Insurance offers a variety of policies at discounted prices. One of their most unique features is a £40 cash back program when you complete your insurance purchase, which operates similar to a mail-in rebate. You can also earn an immediate 25% discount when you purchase your car insurance policy online.

Swinton also offers optional legal protection up to £100,000. As an extension of your policy, this service gives you peace of mind as Swinton covers your legal expenses in the event of a serious accident. The comprehensive insurance policy also comes with a free courtesy car as well as windscreen repair. You may also purchase roadside cover for an additional fee.

They offer a 65% no claims discount, depending on your driving record and length without a claim, which is near the industry standard. Drivers with exceptional records may find that they can get even bigger discounts elsewhere.

Swinton also gives discounts if you choose to bundle more than one insurance policy into one through their company, which can lead to significant savings. Swinton is also one of the few insurance companies to offer branch locations, which allows customers to deal directly with the company rather than spending time on the phone, making this a viable option for some.

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