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Sureterm Car Insurance

  • Focuses on classic cars
  • No online quote system
  • 24/7 claims hotline and document access
  • Home insurance also available
  • Experienced insurance network

Sureterm Car Insurance takes a unique approach to coverage in that they cater mostly to owners of classic cars, RVs and motor homes. Owners of these types of vehicles can take comfort knowing they will receive the kind of personal attention they need.

Sureterm does give customers the ability to obtain a quote online. If you have a question about a new policy or want to price their services, you must call during normal business hours, which is a small inconvenience. Current customers can get all the necessary documents from the website as well as make a claim any time of day, however.

In addition to specialty car insurance, Sureterm also offers home insurance for those who qualify. Drivers of more standard vehicles may wish to look elsewhere for their insurance needs, however, as Sureterm is designed for more high-end vehicles and thus carries more expensive policies. Also, there appears to be no apparent no claims discount available to customers, most likely due to the types of vehicles covered by their policy. More expensive vehicles cost more to insure, and are therefore unlikely to receive traditional discounts.

Sureterm is part of a large insurance network, so your request is forwarded to many companies, allowing you to pick the best policy for you.

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