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Sheilas Wheels Car Insurance

  • Up to 75% no claims discount
  • £300 handbag cover
  • Free courtesy car
  • Free confidential counseling
  • Extra services

Sheila's Wheels Car Insurance is a specialty company catering to women that provides car, home, life, pet and other insurance services. They are unique in that they claim to have "female-friendly" repairers working in conjunction with their company, and they offer services that are tailored to the needs of women.

Customers will immediately notice their unique £300 handbag cover, which will insures your belongings up to that amount in the event of theft or damage to and from your car. This service is included free of charge with a comprehensive policy. Another unique feature is the free 24/7 "counseling" service. Sheila's Wheels makes an extra effort to be available to their customers, regardless of need or time of day. Should you have any questions regarding your policy or otherwise, you are encouraged to take advantage of this service.

They also offer an impressive 75% no claims discount, meaning those with exceptional driving records will be able to best take advantage of the discounts available. They also offer a free courtesy car as part of their comprehensive plan so you can still be on the go while your car is being repaired.

Sheila's Wheels also allows its customers to customize their policy with extras. Roadside breakdown cover, legal cover and personal injury cover can all be added to the policy for an additional fee. Customers can also pick and choose any of these services be added individually.

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