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Saving on car insurance: How a 'pass plus' certificate offers a big discount on quotes

Congratulations on becoming a newly licensed driver. Your next big project is to get auto insurance. Considering how much it can cost, you doubtless want to take advantage of any programs that can lower your premiums. Pass Plus is just such a scheme, and it has the added bonus of making you a better driver as well.

How does it work? You must find an approved driving instructor, someone who is registered with the DSA and has their ADI “Green Badge,” who can help you through the six Pass Plus training modules. The ultimate goal is to assist you in becoming a safer driver who can anticipate problems and competently address situations that may arise on the road.

You will gain additional experience in six areas: driving in town, in rural areas, in all weathers, at night, on motorways, and on dual carriageways. Pass Plus training will last at least six hours, most or all of which will be spent with you behind the wheel. To pass the course, you will need to satisfactorily complete all modules in the course, as assessed by your instructor. Upon successful completion of Pass Plus training, you will be sent your Pass Plus certificate.

Once you have this document, you can take advantage of the insurance savings benefits it can provide. It is then your job to research your various options and choose the company that offers you the biggest savings. Insurers who support Pass Plus furnish the three major types of auto insurance: comprehensive, third party only, and third party fire and theft. According to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), the following insurance companies support Pass Plus:
Counties Insurance
• AA Insurance
• Adrian Flux Insurance Services
• Aviva
• Churchill Insurance
• Click4Gap (enter voucher code 'PASSPLUS10GAP')
• Direct Line
• Endsleigh
• i-Kube
• Privilege
• Provident Insurance
• Quinn Direct Insurance Ltd
• RAC Direct Insurance
• Royal and Sun Alliance
• Swinton Car Insurance
• Tesco Motor Insurers
• Young Marmalade
• Zurich Insurance.

The advantages of Pass Plus are numerous. It will give you the opportunity to practice your driving technique with an expert instructor. Moreover, you will get direct, practical experience in a variety of challenging driving conditions. Finally, the course may well pay for itself. Many insurance providers give you significant discounts on your premiums, potentially making Pass Plus totally free of charge. So take advantage of this driver safety course today. Become a better driver and save money on your car insurance.