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Santander Car Insurance

  • 24/7 Claims Line that is based in the UK
  • Optional reminders about when insurance is due
  • Optional legal protection cover
  • Optional personal and road rage cover
  • Optional key protection cover

Santander has several options to meet motor insurance needs. In addition to a Comprehensive cover or a Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT) cover, they also offer a Third Party Only cover. After selecting a set of standard features, consumers have the option to choose from among a range of optional features, including legal protection and personal cover.

One of Santander's more unique features is an option to cover all keys attached to a designated fob. These keys are insured against theft or loss and are not restricted to insured vehicle keys. Benefits include locksmiths, including the installation of new locks, and up to 3 days car hire if needed. This service is provided by Boomerang-Tag.

Like other companies, Santander offers multiple insurances including home, travel and life insurance, making multiple policies convenient for those who like to consolidate. Their 24/7 claims line, based in the UK offers further convenience in an emergency.

Santander makes use of modern technology to offer customers reminders about when insurance is due via email. Visitors to the Santana website will notice that obtaining a quote is fast and easy, and their policy summaries and "jargon buster" glossary make understanding insurance terms simple and user-friendly.

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