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Sainsburys Car Insurance

  • Up to 25% policy discount with Nectar card
  • Two levels of coverage
  • 5 year repair guarantee
  • Free windscreen repair
  • Lots of optional extras

Sainsbury Car Insurance is a division of Sainsbury Bank and caters to its current customers. Banking customers with a Nectar card will be eligible for an up to 25% discount on any insurance policy, provided they meet certain requirements. Sainsbury offers two levels of coverage: Standard and Premier service. With each, you get a lot of extras and great service.

Premier service comes with more coverage in case of damages to personal property, as well as 90 days European cover compared to just three days on the standard plan. Customers who used Premier service are also guaranteed a courtesy car for up to 21 days if their vehicle is totaled and will also receive free key replacement if theirs is lost or stolen.

Both plans come with a 5 year repair guarantee as long as the repair is performed at an authorized location. Windscreen repair is also free of charge.

Sainsbury offers a wide array of optional extras as well. For a fee, customers can add roadside assistance to their policy. Better yet, customers who do not receive help within the first hour of requesting the service are entitled to a £10 rebate. Optional personal coverage can also ensure you if you're traveling in another person's vehicle inside the UK, and you can also receive insurance on your motor home or towed vehicle as well.

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