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Saga Car Insurance

Saga Car Insurance offer the following benefits:

  • To pay as little as 180 pounds a year for a policy
  • The ability to drive throughout the European Union without having to pay extra
  • Cover if the vehicle has been vandalised without it having an effect on their No Claims Bonus
  • If the policyholder is having an emergency and needs to allow another person to drive, that person will be covered by the policy
  • 1,000 pounds for any damaged personal items that were in the vehicle when it was destroyed

Over 50s Car Insurance

Saga Car Insurance rewards experience, and people who are over 50 have several years of driving experience. Because of all their years on the roads, this is the group of people who file the fewest claims, and Saga Car Insurance charges them less for their insurance cover.

Claims Filing

Filing a claim is fast and easy with Saga Car Insurance. If policyholders have an accident at night, they will find that there is always someone at Saga Car Insurance ready to take their calls, even on Sunday.

Optional Cover

If customers of Saga Car Insurance believe that their personal accident cover is insufficient, they can purchase extra cover under their comprehensive policies. The personal accident benefits cover the policyholder and the spouse of the policyholder but if the couple isn’t married, it will cover a domestic partner.

Under the comprehensive policy, the policyholder and spouse or domestic partner are entitled to £5,000 pounds. If they purchase the optional cover, the amount will be increased to £20,000 pounds.

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