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Quinn Direct Car Insurance

  • 24/7 Claims support
  • Discounts for combination insurance and health care plans
  • Free breakdown cover (subject to terms and conditions)
  • Discounts for family plans and first-time drivers
  • New car replacement

Quinn-direct has been offering insurance services since 1996 for various regions of the UK, including Ireland and England. They offer 24/7 claims support, meaning you will be able to reach a real person in the event of an accident regardless of the time of day. They also offer a joint car insurance and health care plan at a discount if you bundle your services under one policy.

One of their most attractive features is the free breakdown cover for cars under 15 years old. This service includes transportation to your destination (within territorial limits) at the time of the breakdown. If your car requires a repair that will leave you without a vehicle for an extended period, Quinn-direct offers a replacement vehicle or hotel accommodations near the place of the repair depending on the incident.

Quinn-direct also offers discounts to families who ensure their household under one policy. This allows parents of first time drivers to potentially save money when compared with other policies. They also boast that they "look favorably on first time drivers".

They also offer new car replacement on all vehicles beginning from one year of purchase. If your car is stolen or damaged in this period and the repair will cost more than 60% of its value, it will be replaced with the same make and model.

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