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Privilege Car Insurance

  • 10% multi-car discount
  • 5-year repair guarantee
  • 24/7 claims support
  • 25% off first year's breakdown cover
  • Named driver no claims discount

Privilege Car Insurance specializes in providing experienced drivers with the discounts they deserve. Drivers with four or more years without a claim will find themselves in the best position to take advantage of the discounts they offer. With 24/7 claims support for comprehensive policy holders, customers can take comfort knowing that they are always covered in case of an emergency.

They offer a 10% multi-car discount, which is great for families with more than one vehicle. You can also save money by adding your teen drivers to your policy, as they will be able to take advantage of your earned no claims discount while on your policy as long as they remain claim free. New drivers can also earn up to four years no claims discount of their own that can be transferred once they open their own Privilege policy. The only downside is that other insurance carriers may not recognize this type of discount should you choose to transfer elsewhere.

Privilege also offers a 5-year guarantee on all repairs done by one of their authorized repair shops inside their network, meaning work performed on your car is guaranteed to be free from defect, or they will cover the damages. They will also take 25% off your breakdown cover, giving you roadside assistance at a great price.

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