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Post Office Car Insurance

  • Up to 8 years no claims discount
  • 60 days coverage outside of the UK
  • 3 year guarantee on approved repairs
  • Discounts for older drivers
  • 1 year free roadside and recovery breakdown service

Post Office car insurance caters to older, safer drivers with a relatively clean driving history. If you are over 50 with limited claims, you can potentially earn significant savings over the life of your policy. Also, they offer up to 9 years worth of no claims discount credit, though this credit is never explained in terms of the percentage you will save. The amount of discount varies based on the policy selected and other driver criteria.

Post Office also guarantees repairs for a period of three years, so if you have a repeat issue with your vehicle, they will cover the cost. New customers who open a policy also receive 1 year of free roadside and recovery service as a part of their plan.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is the lack of no claims discounts for the secondary drivers named on your policy. Younger drivers, for example, will not receive no claims credit to their name if they are listed on a parents' or relatives' policy. For this reason, newer drivers may find themselves paying higher rates than with other companies.

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