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Nationwide Car Insurance

  • Discounts for Bundled Policies
  • Up to 75% No no claims discount (NCD)
  • Up to £100,00 in legal claims coverage
  • Guaranteed Courtesy Car
  • Road Rescue Service

Nationwide insurance is an international, all-inclusive company providing insurance services in the UK. Despite having offices in various countries throughout the world, they maintain a personal feel with customer service in their UK call centre. They also offer significant discounts for customers who bundle their car, home and life and travel insurance into one policy or payment.

Their 75% no claims discount is one of the highest in the industry, and customers can receive it based on the number of years they have gone without an accident on their previous policy. Should you need legal coverage in the event of a covered accident or repair, Nationwide also covers your potential loss, up to £100,000, giving you piece of mind.

If your car needs repair that requires an extended stay in a repair shop, Nationwide offers a courtesy car service depending on the level and coverage of your policy. They also offer road rescue and roadside assistance in the event your car breaks down. The service is broken down into 5 levels of coverage. If your tyre is flat, they can send a qualified technician to assist you in replacing it, as well as other services.

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