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M&S Car Insurance

What makes M&S car insurance different from the other is that they offer people:

  • The choice between Standard Cover or Premier Cover
  • A full 90 days cover for driving in the European Union
  • Guaranteed repairs for a total of three years
  • The ability to file claims for items that aren’t ordinarily insured
  • The ability to file a claim at any time of the day

The Premier Policy

M&S car insurance charges more for their premier cover than for the standard cover, but their clients receive much more protection when they choose to purchase the premier package. For example, when M&S car insurance clients have been hit by another driver, they may file a claim to have this driver’s insurance company pay the excess.

Keycare Cover

Also under the Premier Policy is Keycare Cover. When these policyholders lose their keys and need to have them replaced, Keycare Cover pays to have new keys and locks made. The locksmiths’ services will also be paid for, with 1,000 pounds set aside for this purpose. It doesn’t matter what time of the day that people misplace their keys; policyholders can contact Keycare 24 hours a day anywhere in the country.

The M&S Credit Card

M&S also has a credit card, and cardholders who purchase their car insurance from M&S receive 1,000 M&S points for their credit card accounts.

What Defaqto Has to Say about M&S Car Insurance

Defaqto is a company that conducts research and rates financial institutions, and it has given M&S a five star rating. This means that the M&S car insurance company offers the widest range of products that people could possibly need from an insurance policy.

If the Premier Cover is too much but they would like a little more cover than the standard policy offers, people may add Motor Legal Protection and Hire Car to their policies.

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