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More Than Insurance

  • 20% off breakdown cover with insurance purchase
  • 4 year protected no claims bonus
  • Free courtesy car
  • Unlimited repair guarantee
  • Dedicated support team

More Than Insurance boasts a wide variety of different policies for its customers, including, auto, home, pet, life and landlord insurance. They offer plenty of policy bundle discounts as a result, potentially saving the customer money simply by insuring from a single company.

More Than provides several attractive features to its customers, including a rare unlimited repair guarantee. If you schedule a repair as a result of a claim with one of their trusted repair shops, the repairs are guaranteed for the life of your car. This is incredible peace of mind and far above the industry standard three or five year term. Customers also receive a dedicated support team who is ready to assist in a time of need. Their 24/7 claims support is designed to meet needs quickly and efficiently.

Breakdown cover is a vital part of insurance for many, and More Than makes the process even more affordable by providing a 20% discount when you add this feature as a part of your comprehensive policy. You'll get roadside assistance free of charge should you choose to add this service.

More Than Insurance also offers the ability to protect your hard-earned no claims discount in the event of an accident. For a fee, you can maintain your discount should you have a claim, and your premiums won't automatically increase because of it. Safe drivers will find this policy helps them save money over the long term.

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