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LV= Car Insurance

  • 180 days European travel cover
  • Protected no claims discount
  • Road Rescue service
  • Free courtesy car
  • Optional personal accident benefit increase

LV= Car insurance is a UK-based company featuring highly customisable policies to meet the needs of customers. The comprehensive plan provides the most value, and customers who want a little added protection will have little trouble picking and choosing from additional features based on their driving habits and needs. Frequent travelers will find that the 180 days of European travel cover provides the needed coverage while on the go. Travel is now free from restrictions or limits on coverage or claims.

Customers can now choose to protect their no claims discount for the life of the policy for a fee. This means you won't automatically see an increase in your premium just because you file a claim. LV= works with its customers to help them protect the no claims bonuses they have worked so hard to earn.

Customers can enjoy the convenience of a free courtesy car for extended repairs and an optional car hire service. Road rescue can also be added onto any comprehensive policy to help provide assistance if your car breaks down while on the road. Finally, customers can add an extra £90,000 in personal injury benefits to their policy for a small fee, providing extra coverage at minimal cost.

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