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Lloyds TSB Car Insurance

  • 24/7 Claims helpline
  • 3 year guarantee on all repairs
  • Free courtesy car and windscreen repair
  • 60 days travel cover
  • No claims discounts

Lloyd's TSB Car Insurance provides its customers with low prices by obtaining quotes from a network of providers and allowing customers to choose a quote that best meets their needs. They offer a 24/7 claims hotline so that you can always speak to a live person and get the help you need.

Their comprehensive policies also feature a free courtesy car in the event of an extended repair as well as free windscreen repair and replacement. For travelers, the policies also come with 60 days coverage throughout Europe, allowing for visits abroad without worry as to whether or not you're insured in the event of an accident.

Safe drivers are rewarded by Lloyd's TSB with great no claims discounts. Though specific discount information is not available at their website, you can see what amount you may qualify for by filling out a request for a quote online or by phone.

As with many insurance networks, the trade-off between potentially lower prices on services can also mean a loss in overall personal attention for the customer, who is not necessarily dealing directly with the company, but rather an agent or subsidiary. Customers should be careful when choosing policies and research companies before beginning a policy in this way.

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