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Kwik Fit Car Insurance

  • 20% online order discount
  • Bundled services discounts
  • Guaranteed courtesy car
  • Customer rewards program
  • Retrieves quotes from multiple companies

Kwik Fit Insurance is one of the larger insurance outlets in the UK covering your car, your home and everything in between. They offer a 15% discount for those who wish to combine their insurance policies into a single plan, as well as a further 20% discount just for completing your order online.

Kwik Fit also offers a free courtesy car if your car needs an extended repair. They also offer hire car service if your car is stolen, so you will never be without transportation when you need it most.

One of their most attractive features is a unique customer rewards program that offers discounts on hotels, dining, rental cars and more. These rewards pile up quickly if you make your payments on time.

Kwik fit states that they do offer a no claims discount for their services, but it's not immediately clear how much the discount is on the website. You can find out this information by submitted a completed request for a quote. Kwik Fit is part of an insurance network, meaning your quote will be submitted to a network of providers, potentially saving you money, but be sure to do your homework with your specific company before signing on the dotted line.

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