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John Lewis Car Insurance

John Lewis Car Insurance offers to new automobile insurance customers:

  • A No Claims Discount up to 75% for safe drivers. Protected No Claims Discounts are offered if you’ve been a safe driver for at least four or more years of claims-free driving.
  • A Courtesy Automobile with Comprehensive Coverage if the insured auto needs to be repaired
  • 90 Days Travel Coverage in Europe. You can purchase extra Breakdown Coverage as well
  • Refunds available for emergency taxi fares if no replacement automobile available when you need it
  • If you fill up with the wrong fuel, there is a misfuelling coverage available to completely drain your automobile tank and they will pay for the correct fuel type for your automobile

If driving in the United Kingdom, you must have car insurance. This is protection for yourself if you damage another's vehicle or property. It is required and mandatory coverage, if you should injure someone while driving. Third party insurance is the required minimum coverage you must carry. According to the Continuous Insurance Enforcement law, if you own a vehicle it must at least be covered against third party risks. This law is effective whether the vehicle is off the road or you are currently driving it.

John Lewis Car Insurance accepts new customers from age 17 to 99 years of age. The company can provide coverage for most imported cars, classic cars and certain modified cars also. Protected No Claims Discounts will allow up to two claims in three years without losing your No Claims Discount. Legal Protection can cover uninsured losses for accidents that are no fault of your own. These are losses that would not be covered by their standard insurance policy.

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