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Endsleigh Car Insurance

Endsleigh Car Insurance has taken cover farther than most other car insurance companies with:

  • A maximum 76 percent no claims bonus
  • A guarantee for repairs done at approved garages the lasts five years
  • 2,500 pounds for Keycare cover
  • Reimbursement for the excess paid after a theft, fire, vandalism or accident
  • Arrangement of windscreen or window repair 24 hours a day

Road Rage Cover

It’s rare to find an insurance company that will cover the damages associated with road rage, but Endsleigh Car Insurance is a company that has this type of coverage. After an accident, drivers have been known to injure each other, and these damages are not necessarily covered by car insurance.

Drivers may need to file a claim for their road rage cover when:

• They require medical attention for injuries inflicted by another person
• Emergency dental care is needed
• Mental health counselling is necessary
• Clothing may need to be replaced
• The driver’s belongings have been damaged or destroyed

New for Old

After an accident, the car may be damaged beyond repair, and the insurance company will have to write it off. If the car is less than a year old, it will be replaced with a new vehicle.

Types of Car Insurance

Endsleigh Car Insurance also outpaces other insurance companies by selling several different types of car insurance. They have policies for students, but they also sell short term car insurance. People can purchase their company car insurance from Endsleigh, and they can also purchase classic car insurance.

Those who have an imported car may benefit from this company’s imported car insurance policy. For the more responsible drivers, Endsleigh also provides low rates for their 50+ car insurance clients.

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