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Elephant Car Insurance

  • Free Courtesy Car
  • No Claims Bonus on Named Driver
  • Personal Injury Coverage
  • Legal Liability Coverage
  • Up to 90-Days European Coverage

Elephant Insurance is a part of the Admiral group, based out of Cardiff, Wales. Their elephant in a business suit an tennis shoes logo appeals the kid in you while dealing with the serious topic of car insurance needs. A relatively newcomer to the insurance industry having only launched in 2000, Elephant aims to provide customers with competitive features and services. Features like a free courtesy car when the insured uses a Elephant approved repair shop and providing 90 days European service combined with the type of car insurance you would expect from any insurance go a long way to making their auto insurance policies competitive.

Additional features you can get with an Elephant auto insurance policy include: windshield repair services; stereo and satellite navigation coverage on stereo, car phone, and other audio and visual equipment; legal protection; and a no claims bonus for the named insured.

Elephant provides easy payment options design to allow anyone to fit an Elephant policy into the budget whether the insured finds it easier to pay monthly, quarterly or annually. They claim more than 350,000 members and credit their success to providing the coverage customers need and providing friendly, helpful customer service.

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