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eCar Insurance

  • Variety of policy structures and lengths
  • Provides quotes for a variety of insurance types
  • Ability to order insurance directly rather than through a broker
  • Customers can add multiple cars and drivers to a single policy
  • Offers No Claims Discount at an accelerated rate for select customers offers a variety of coverage plans and lengths. Plans include annual, monthly, pay as you go, and short term (1-28 days of coverage). Along with standard personal car insurance, they can also protect your business vehicle, bike, boat, RV or other vehicle.

Users with a clean driving history can earn a significant no claims discount after 5 years of accident-free driving. Their pay as you go plan also offers customers the ability to earn 12 months of no discount credit for every 8 months they are a customer, meaning you can earn your guaranteed discount 25% faster. However, one drawback is that you are not eligible for a no claims discount if you are already named on another insurance plan.

Their policy ordering structure cuts out the middle man and allows you to order directly from the company without going through an agent taking a commission on the sale, which can possibly save money. eCarinsurance also offers discounts for policy holders who place more than one vehicle or driver on a plan.

eCarinsurance does not currently offer its customers the ability to change their policy over the phone in an effort to keep their costs down, which could be a potential drawback to some. Claims resolution is also done primarily online, which is a potential headache depending on email and online form response time.

Please Note: Although you may not receive quotes for all the car insurance companies listed on this site when you use the comparison system we hope you will still find it helpful to compare quotes from competing brokers against any quote you may already have received from this insurer.