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Direct Line Car Insurance

  • Multi-car discount
  • No claims discount for each named driver
  • Uni1nsured driver coverage
  • Optional legal protection
  • Optional no claims discount protection

Direct Line car insurance began in 1985 and has grown rapidly into a respected insurance carrier. With offices in the UK, Germany and Italy, they offer a wide variety of insurance services. Customers will immediately be able to take advantage of a multi-car discount an uninsured driver protection. If you are hit by a driver without insurance, Direct Line will cover your excess and allow you to keep your no claims discount.

Though the exact amount of the discount is unclear, drivers with Direct Line can accumulate up to 4 years of no claims bonuses on their account, meaning responsible and safe drivers will pay less over time. For a fee, you can also protect your no claims discount in the event of an accident. With the optional no claims discount protection, you can file 1 claim in a year or two claims in 3 years without losing your discount.

Each driver on the policy can also accumulate their own no claims discount, which is great for teenage drivers on parents' policies. If your teen is involved in a claim, you will not lose your no claims discount. Instead, he or she will have their own bonus to accumulate for when they open a Direct Line policy of their own.

Direct Line also offers an optional legal protection service. If you're involved in an accident which is not your fault and wish to sue the other driver, they will cover your legal fees up to £100,000.

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