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Diamond Car Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance policy purchased at Diamond Car Insurance means that women are given these five useful benefits:

  • A courtesy car for when their cars are in the garage being repaired
  • Up to 300 pounds for handbag cover for their handbags and the contents within
  • 100,000 pounds for a legal defence if they cause an accident
  • Child seat cover that covers all children’s items such as buggies and car seats

Diamond Car Insurance’s mission is to offer women cheap car insurance, but it also sets out to write car insurance policies that cater to women’s needs. One example is the ability for women to receive help when their cars need to be repaired.

The Diamond Garage Network

Clients of Diamond Car Insurance are welcome to sign up for the Diamond Garage Network and receive help finding the right garage for their vehicles. For example, if the car needs service, all these clients have to do is call the Diamond Garage Network, and someone will take care of all the arrangements for them.

Benefits of the Diamond Garage Network

With this membership, women receive a 12.5 percent discount on the service they have done at a member garage. If they need other repairs, such as a battery replacement, they will be charged five percent less. After they have been in an accident and they are receiving a courtesy car, Diamond Car Insurance will deliver the car to their homes or their offices. They will also be entitled to a free wash and vac.

Your Diamond Club

By signing up for Your Diamond Club, women occasionally receive offers that only they have the chance to win. This season’s offer is for an Apple iPad 2 with cover that is worth over 500 pounds.

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