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Convicted Drivers Can Still Find Cheap Insurance Quotes

If you are a convicted driver – someone who has been convicted of an offense such as speeding, drunk driving, ordinary traffic violations and so on – you may find that insurance companies are reluctant to insure you or at least to insure you at reasonable rates. This can represent a considerable extra expense that is likely the last thing you need. The good news is there are definitely ways to be insured after a conviction and even find rates that are relatively easy to manage. True, they may not be as low as for someone with a spotless driving record, but they are often reasonable anyway.

Specialty Companies

The main way to approach finding reasonable policies if you are a convicted driver is to look for specialty insurance companies. These are companies that specialize in this particular “corner” of the market. There are quite a few people with driving convictions of various sorts, and these companies realize that they represent a customer base that can be worked with and not merely dismissed as and across the board bad risk. Thus these companies offer various types of specialized policies for convicted drivers. The following are some of the ways these companies work with convicted drivers to get them insured at the best possible rates.

Good Driving Prior to Conviction

Often these companies will look at the driver’s record prior to a conviction. If this record is good, the company will reduce the rates of the driver despite the subsequent conviction. Thus this is something that a convicted driver should bear in mind when looking for insurance and bring to the attention of the insurance agent or company representative if they have not already asked about it.

Driving Course

Another thing that these specialty companies (and in fact car insurance companies in general) will look at in the case of a convicted driver is whether or not they have completed a driving course. These courses are designed for people who have convictions on their record and wish to reduce their rates. There may be some expense initially for these courses but it can often be a good investment, reducing insurance premiums in the future and more than paying for itself.

Specific Policies for Specific Convictions

Specialty companies also assist convicted drivers by offering specific policies based on a driver’s specific convictions. It is easy to see the logic here: if a driver is convicted for a one-time drunk driving offense, that does not necessarily mean that when sober they are any kind of increased traffic risk at all. Similarly, if someone has received a number of traffic signal violations while sober, there is no reason to suspect that they will be more likely to have a drunk driving conviction. Thus specialty companies can offer good rates by offering policies that take into account only the risks that have actually been part of a driver’s record.

Online Comparison

A good way to go about finding specialty companies is to use online comparison sites such as ours. The specialist form on our site allows the user to search with various criteria and to find specialty companies that insure convicted drivers at good rates.