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Co-Operative Car Insurance

The award-winning car insurance that Co-Operative Car Insurance specialises in saves its clients money in several ways:

  • Most clients find that they qualify to pay up to 77 pounds less than they do with other companies
  • They can save around 40 pounds when they purchase their Breakdown Cover with their Comprehensive policies
  • They may qualify for several discounts on their car insurance cover
  • They can purchase extended cover for travel throughout the European Union for only 15 pounds a year
  • With enhanced courtesy car cover, policyholders can receive extra benefits such as a child car seat

The Awards

Co-Operative Car Insurance has won two different awards that attest to the high level of service people receive. “Your Money” magazine voted Co-Operative Car Insurance as the Best Online Motor Provider 2011. By receiving the Intelligent Choice Award for their success in pleasing their customers and providing excellent car insurance cover, Co-Operative Car Insurance has proven that customer service and offering a great product is high on their list of priorities.

Young Driver Insurance

Purchasing car insurance for young drivers can be expensive, so Co-Operative Car Insurance has created a policy just for them that will be affordable. Drivers aged 17 to 24 can qualify for these policies, and they may possibly receive a discount worth 556 pounds off of their premiums.

Young drivers also have a chance to earn other discounts under this policy. As these policyholders prove that they are safe drivers, they qualify for a safe driving discount every three months. They can also earn the no claims discount every year.

Other Types of Car Insurance Policies

Co-Operative Car Insurance also gives other groups a chance to purchase their car insurance for lower prices including drivers over 50 and women.

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