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Churchill Car Insurance

Churchill's Features:

  • Low Prices
  • 24 Hour Recovery Hotline
  • Repairs Guaranteed for 5 Years.
  • Uninsured Driver Coverage
  • Coverage for Personal Belongings in the Car

Churchill is known for its talking dog mascot. Churchill Insurance offers car insurance among many other insurance products. Churchill has been around since 1989 and was one of the UK's first direct insurance providers. Churchill tries to keep costs low by providing insurance sales only over the phone and the internet. They are owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland. Churchill's other services include pet, van, motorcycle, home, travel, and private health insurance.

Churchill has won many awards from Your Money Magazine. Most recently it won for the best Pet Insurance. It won best direct car insurer in 2008.

Churchill offers many discount for its customers:
• Named Driver No Claims Discount
• Only Driver Discount
• Multi-Car Discount
• Breakdown Multi-Car Discount
• Company Car No Claims Discount

The offer many extra service available for a small extra fee:
• Churchill offers legal aid in claims for a small additional fee
• No Claim Discount Protection – if you have gone four years or longer without a claim, you can opt to protect it so that even if you do have to file a claim you will not lose your discount
• Guaranteed Pickup Car or Guaranteed Pickup Car Plus for a tiny extra fee

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