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Cheap Car Insurance Tips For Teenagers 17, 18 + 19 years old

Parents can tell you that the prospect of insuring a teenage driver is not a pleasant thought. Teenagers are notoriously expensive to insure to drive, and both parents and teens alike are looking for ways to bring the costs down. Research shows that drivers under twenty years old are up to three times as likely to be involved in an auto accident as a driver over twenty years old is. Therefore, the risk to the insurance company is greater, so the costs to insure the young drivers are higher. Factors such as gender and location also factor into the risk analysis of a particular driver, therefore affecting rates.

So what can be done by the average person to keep these astronomical costs down?

Get extra brownie points

First of all, receive a pass plus or advanced driving certificate from an accredited driver education school. This can earn you a ten to twenty percent discount on your insurance rates.

Drive a smaller car

Second, you need to be sure that you are driving the right car. Pick a car from the least expensive category. In most cases, a smaller engine means that the car is cheaper to insure.

Avoid accidents and small claims

Another important factor is to keep your driving record clean. Having fewer accidents in your past decreases the likelihood that you will be involved in one in the future.

Increase your Excess

Also, if you are willing to raise the excess payments on your policy, this step can also keep the premium payments lower. However, if you choose a higher excess payment, take care to keep funds in reserve to cover this larger amount, in the event that it becomes necessary to pay the charges for a repair.

Do your research - compare insurance quotes

Shopping around increases your chances of finding an affordable policy. In fact, some companies offer policies written specifically with teenagers in mind that aim to keep the cost down.

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Choosing your policy in this way is a great method to compare the market on teenage insurance rates and get the best price possible.

Of course, there are some factors that you can't change, but that will affect your insurance rates nonetheless. For example, living in a big city will cause your premiums to be higher than living in a rural area will. Also, boys cost more to insure than girls do. However, in order to get the lowest insurance costs possible, focus on the things that you can control, and shop around to find the best price offered given your circumstances.