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Cheap Car Insurance For Girls - Why young female drivers get it cheaper

The fact of the matter is that young women can get car insurance cheaper than young men. While there is an effort to promote gender equality in most areas, car insurance is one area that women have a definite advantage.

What are the reasons that young women can get car insurance cheaper?

The first reason that young men have to pay higher car insurance premiums is because men have the majority of driving convictions. According to government statistics, men had 92% of the driving convictions in the UK. Conversely, women only had 8% of the driving convictions. That is a tremendous difference that factors into the car insurance companies decision making.

Another statistic provided by the government shows that men had a 98% conviction rate for all dangerous driving convictions. With women having only 2% of the conviction rate on all dangerous driving charges, it is easy to understand why car insurance companies offer lower premiums to women.

Young women also tend to be less risky for car insurance companies to insure because young women have driving habits that are safer than young men’s driving habits. Young women tend to drive slower and travel shorter distances. These careful habits help protect from major accidents. While young women have about the same number of car accidents a year as young men, their accidents are milder and cause less damage, thus decreasing the cost of claims to the car insurance companies.

Do women always get insurance cheaper?

Young women are usually able to get lower car insurance premiums until the age of 45 when the premiums for men and women generally are equal. Some insurance companies may not offer cheaper premiums to women and use an average of all male and female drivers to figure out an acceptable premium.

However, in the UK, there are several car insurance companies that only insure women, therefore eliminating the possibility that women are subsidizing for men’s accidents. Some of these women-only car insurance companies are Women on Wheels, Young Lady Driver, Girl Motor and CoverGirl Car Insurance. Other insurance companies cater to young men and women such as 17to40, which specializes in insuring first time drivers. Be careful though, as these companies may not always be the cheapest - its always a good idea to use a car insurance comparison site like ours to double check prices before purchase.

Young women can receive some excellent deals on car insurance because they tend to be less of a risk for a car insurance company because of their safer driving practices. Check out our many car insurance brokers and determine which car insurance policy is right for you.