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Boat Insurance

Boats are expensive leisure and sport water vehicles that require insurance for the protection of the passengers and the investment. Prices and boat types vary immensely. Insurance coverage is available to cover most aspects related to protecting and maintaining the vessels. Whether you own a dingy or a yacht, boat owners should perform a price comparison to find the best coverage available.

What does Boat Insurance Cover?

Most boat insurance covers accidental loss or damage to the vessel. Some policies cover death or injury to other people or damage to the property. The boat may also be covered for the following:

1) Emergency Towing
2) Damage from the boat being left unattended at the beach.
3) Loss of an outboard or auxiliary motor, if not secured properly with a safety net.
4) Family members may be covered under this insurance.
5) Insurance is transferrable to another boat, if the insured party is operating the vessel. This is usually referred to as third party insurance.
6) Water skiing sports are also covered with the vehicle.
7) Accidental death, bodily injury and other accidents are covered by this insurance.
8) Damage to other property, improper use of the vessel or third party operators are also covered.
9) Boat trailers, protective covers, sails, batteries and others are covered by insurances also.

How to Find Cheap Boat Insurance?

Cheap Boat insurance may be found online by performing a search and conducting a price comparison . Insurance prices in the UK vary based upon the type of boat that is purchased. The client is requested to enter his or her information. The system will return a quote within minutes. Comparisons will ensure the client receives the best price available.

Dinghy Insurance

Several insurance companies offer coverage for this type of vessel. Owners have a choice between Full Coverage and Third Party Only. This will cover risk of loss or damage to the vessel. Liability and accidental cause, along with damage to third parties, are included in the full coverage. Third Party Only covers only the damage to another vessel or property.

Yacht Insurance

Yachts are often expensive to insure because of the luxury amenities and materials on board. The greater the luxury, the more the potential for an expensive repair bill if damaged. To obtain insurance for a small yacht, the owner needs to provide the following information:

1) Full price of the Yacht
2) Insured Value of the Yacht
3) Year of Manufacture
4) Maximum Speed
5) Length of the Vessel
6) Racing Cover if Required
7) Whether Trailer Insurance is Required
8) Whether Outboard Motor Insurance is Required

Canoes and Kayaks

Canoes are registered in the same category with row boats and other non-mechanical water vessels. Quotes may be provided online . However, a different level of insurance will be required for these types of vessel since they are not powered by a motor.


Row boats are another type of non-motorized vessel that requires insurance for accidental damage and other damage that may occur. Because most of these boats are wooden, the wear and tear will be different than other water vehicles. Insurance adjusters will take this into account making the quote for this type of vessels.

Power Boats, Motor Boats, Cruisers + Speedboats

Power boat insurance is often more expensive because of the speeds that these boats can reach. The more luxury amenities the boat has, the larger the potential for an expensive repair bill. Insurance companies have to charge more for this particular event. This is a true pleasure boat that owners will want to protect for years of enjoyment. This type of boat may also be used for tours or water taxis.


Sail boat insurance is a financial service that protects the sail, vessel and other accompanying sail boat property. This type of sail boat insurance should have its coverage clearly stated. Ensure that the insuring company can be contacted in the event of an emergency and also will handle reimbursement claims promptly.


Rigid inflatable boats (or RIB) will also be covered by insurance as well. These boats may be used for rescue missions or other missions.

Canal Boats, Narrowboats and Houseboats

Ever wondered if you need boat insurance or home insurance for your house boat? Given the risks that occur to boats and homes are often very different it is essential you inquire about insurance from a boat insurance broker rather than a traditional home insurer.

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