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Bell Car Insurance

  • Savings on bundled services
  • Unique no claims bonus accelerator
  • Online policy and payment access
  • Comprehensive policy covers nearly all belongings and damages
  • Large network of repair shops

Bell insurance offers a variety of services ranging from auto and van to home insurance. Like many companies, they offer the ability to place all your insurance plans under a single policy for maximum savings. With their no claims bonus accelerator, you can earn one year of bonus time in as little as ten months, leading you to more savings more quickly. The downside to this is that their exact savings is unclear on their website, as well as the policy for transferring your discount from another company.

Bell offers the ability to change and pay your policy online, but their phone support is not always readily available. Their claims service is only available during normal business hours, meaning you may have to wait til the following day to file a claim.

Customers looking for optimal coverage of their car as well as other cars they drive will want to select the comprehensive policy to attain the most value. This plan covers your belongings inside the car in the event of theft or damage and includes a courtesy car.

Bell belongs to a network of repair shops, meaning that help is never far away. You won't have to wait long to get your vehicle in for repairs, leading to a faster turnaround overall.

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