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Axa Car Insurance

  • Up to 90% no claims discount
  • £30 immediate online discount
  • £1 million injury coverage
  • Immediate coverage and access to documents
  • Local call centres with 24/7 claims access

Axa boasts an impressive 90% no claims discount for drivers who qualify based on their driving history, making them an ideal choice for older drivers with few claims. 90% is significantly higher than the industry average.

They also offer an optional legal service for up to £1 million, which is 10 times what other companies. If you are involved in a claim and taken to court by another party, Axa will cover your legal fees, provided you have enrolled in this optional service.

New customers who complete their policy enrollment online will also receive an immediate £30 discount on their cover with immediate access to all policy documents. Once purchased, you will be able to print proof of insurance right from home without waiting for the post. This is ideal for customers on the go. You also have 24/7 access to their dedicated claim service from a local call centre.

Axa definitely rewards drivers with great driving histories, but others may find themselves paying more for the same or similar services elsewhere. If your driving history is limited or suspect, you should compare your rates with other companies before making a decision.

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