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Aviva Car Insurance

  • Multi-car policy discounts up to 1/3 off
  • Ability to manage policy online
  • Other named drivers on your account can receive their own no claims discounts
  • Retain no claims discount even if hit by an underinsured driver, if it was not your fault
  • Ability to guarantee your no claims discount for life

Aviva is an insurance company that offers a wide variety of insurance covers including health, life and car insurance. This is helpful for customers who wish to consolidate payments. Quotes are available online for all insurance types.

Aviva offers motor insurance under two primary options. The Comp cover is the most extensive and includes more premium features, while the TFTP cover offers insurance for a lower budget and fewer options. At Aviva, the customer can also add certain covers to either plan to tailor the insurance cover to fit specific needs.

For customers who are concerned about getting back on the road immediately after an accident, Aviva will provide transportation after an accident for a motorist back home, or on to their original destination, anywhere in the UK. Their cover is designed to make getting back on the road fast and convenient, and even includes car seat replacement for children following a collision.

There are many options with Aviva for managing covers online. Their website links directly to an iPhone account management app, and their "MyPolicy" site is a secure site that gives customers the ability to review and manage their covers online. Customer service representatives are also available until 8pm weeknights, though their weekend availability is more limited. Aviva does feature a 24 hour claims helpline to offer customers immediate information on claims and assistance.

This company offers well-rounded covers at competitive prices with multiple features.

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