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Autonet Car Insurance

  • 24/7 claims support from a UK call centre
  • No online quote builder
  • Insurance network
  • Range of policies and coverage options
  • -olicies vary by company

Autonet Car Insurance is part of an extensive insurance network that works with a variety of providers to give customers the best price available. Because they offer insurance from various companies, you'll need to do your own research and read the fine print before signing any policy.

Autonet will work with you to find a policy that both meets your needs and fits your budget. You'll have the option of selecting between comprehensive, third party and theft, and third party only policies. They will then match your needs with available policies within their network to find you the best price.

One of the first things you'll notice when visiting the website is the lack of an online quote builder. Instead, you'll have to call the number listed in order to receive a quote, which can potentially take more time than building a quote yourself.

Items such as no claims discounts, multi-car discounts and specifics regarding breakdown cover are not listed on the site and vary based on the company you choose. For this information, you'll need to request a quote and compare the various features. This is one of the few downsides of a network as opposed to a direct insurer.

Please Note: Although you may not receive quotes for all the car insurance companies listed on this site when you use the comparison system we hope you will still find it helpful to compare quotes from competing brokers against any quote you may already have received from this insurer.