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Admiral Car Insurance

Admiral Car Insurance specialises in insuring more than one car to a household. By insuring at least two cars, policyholders may receive:

  • At least 23 percent off of their auto insurance premiums
  • If their windscreens are ever broken, the MultiCar policy will cover the repairs
  • 1,250 pounds to cover each car’s stereo equipment
  • The flexibility to control their own policies
  • A courtesy car in the event that any one of their vehicles is being repaired

MultiCar Insurance

Admiral Car Insurance makes it possible to receive a larger discount from insuring a second or more cars because all vehicles will be insured on the same policy. If their second cars are covered on another policy that will not expire for while, new clients can receive a quote for the extra vehicles that will remain in effect when they are ready to switch policies.

Insuring the Hard to Insure

Admiral Car Insurance’s specialty is providing car insurance for people who are notoriously hard to insure with other companies. Some of these people are those who live in the city, people who own high performance vehicles and anyone with a low No Claims Bonus. These people often have to pay higher premiums, but Admiral Car Insurance makes it a point of offering these people lower quotes.

Hire Car Cover

People can purchase comprehensive cover from Admiral Car Insurance, but they also have several other upgrades that they can add if they choose to do so. One is Hire Car Cover. When the insurance company must write off a vehicle or it has been stolen, the car’s owner needs a short-term replacement. Admiral car insurance will supply its policyholders with a hire car for up to 21 days.

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