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AA Car Insurance

AA Car Insurance in the UK can offer many of their new or current AA members some of the following benefits:

  • Much lower rates for their automobile insurance as new AA customers
  • For one year, all new AA customers receive free Break Down Coverage
  • 5-Star rated insurance for your automobile coverage
  • Savings galore and access to AA Reward offers to all their members
  • A company who has insured more than 5 million drivers with insurance policies during the past 5 years

New members are offered the double amount of standard coverage. £500 coverage for personal belongings in your car is provided as a new AA member. If already a member, you get even more improved coverage. You can get auto insurance that can be effective immediately by going online or over the phone. Secure online payments can be made with your credit or debit card.

You can purchase minimum insurance coverage needed in any European country when you buy any private auto insurance in the UK. AA Car Insurance gives you auto insurance coverage for up to 90 days in a year. You will have comprehensive coverage for driving in any European country. You may purchase extra coverage for longer periods as needed. Also offered are classic car insurance, short term and car insurance for learner drivers.

Are you not able to pay a lump sum payment for your AA Car Insurance? This is not a problem. AA Car Insurance offers the option to make monthly payments. You simply make the initial payment securely online. Your balance of payments can be made payable by direct debit over 11 monthly payments. To make a claim, there is a 24-hour claim line available.

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