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1st Central Car Insurance

  • All call centres are located inside the UK
  • Up to a 65% No Claims Bonus (NCB)
  • 24/7 claim support by phone or email
  • Ability to access your policy online
  • Receive a free courtesy car in the event of a claim

1st Central Car Insurance is a UK-based company first launched in 2008. They pride themselves on quality customer support, and all telephone agents are domestically based. Whatever your preferred method of communication, you can speak to someone in the event of an accident or other claim related incident 24-hours a day, 7 days a week via telephone or email.

Should you prefer to review, update or renew your policy online, you can do so at any time through the website. Your policy is updated in real-time and provides details regarding your payment and claims history as well as other options.

New customers can receive up to a 65% NCB dicsount in by showing proof of up to five claim free years. All you have to do is provide proper documentation in accordance with the terms on the website and you will be immediately eligible for a discount.

1st Central also offers a free courtesy car should your vehicle need extended repairs due to a covered loss by your insurance policy, meaning you will never be without transportation in the event of a claim.

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