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AutoTrader Budget Insurance Endsleigh FastCover MoreThan SwiftCover Swinton Adrian Flux Direct The Green Insurance Company Hastings Direct I Buy Eco I Go 4 Insure Your MotorQuoteline Direct Yes Car Insurance
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The Worlds Simplest Car Buyers Guide

Finally, the sun is out and spirits are high! If money is flush, you may well be in the process of buying a "new" used car this spring? If so, here's 20 things, listed in this fantastic infographic, that you shouldn't forget to do and check!

The world can be a dangerous and scary place especially when it comes to buying a used car. Even worse if you don't know what you're doing. If you fall into this category please digest the following information on this excellent "Used Car Buyers Guide" infographic produced by the teams at and

5 Of the Greatest Driving Routes In America

The United States is full of different routes to and from locations, but some are much more impressive than others. From great scenery to fun roadside or local attractions, the United States has something to please every traveler.

Vehicle Crime + Road Traffic Accident Map

Car Accident
Vehicle Crime

Enter Your Postcode To Check The Crime In Your Area!

We've mapped a year's worth of crimes and road accidents across the UK to help you understand how safe your area is.

Simply use the map's searchbox below to enter your postcode and map the traffic accidents and vehicle crimes in your area. Update: You can now view the crimes and accidents simply by scrolling the map to the area you wish to view.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes In An Instant - Quick, Simple & Fast

Regardless of what type of cover you seek, if you are in the market for it you will need to compare a number of different providers and see what they offer. The internet provides a way to do this simply and quickly. This is one of the well known advantages of comparative shopping that the internet provides. It represents a time and convenience advantage over the more traditional methods of comparative shopping – calling businesses from a telephone book or visiting them in person. Though these latter methods can have advantages as well, for simplicity and speed the internet is unmatched.

Pay As You Go Car Insurance - Drive Less For Cheap Quotes!

We pay for a lot of stuff on an "as you use it" basis these days. Many have saved hundreds of pounds a year on their mobiles, teles, or anyone who has rented a movie or video game. How much money could you save if you could do the same with your policy? Look no further than usage-based cover.

Green + Eco Friendly Insurance Policies For Your Car - Can They Work?

Everyone is going green, including your broker. For drivers who are concerned with lessening their car’s environmental impact, 'green' premiums are just one way to start saving.

Some companies are introducing reduced premiums for drivers who own hybrid or electric cars. The assumption being that environmentally conscious drivers are likely to be more responsible on the road and, therefore, less risk to their broker.

Insurance For Drivers In Their 50s + Over

For drivers over 50 years of age, finding car insurance can sometimes be a chore. Our comparison tool allows you to find available quotes from providers who cover older drivers.

Some companies do not offer basic policies to senior drivers because of the perceived risk posed by these drivers. For this reason, unless you have an existing policy, you will need to search for specialised plans that cater to older drivers.

Convicted Drivers Can Still Find Cheap Insurance Quotes

If you are a convicted driver – someone who has been convicted of an offense such as speeding, drunk driving, ordinary traffic violations and so on – you may find that insurance companies are reluctant to insure you or at least to insure you at reasonable rates. This can represent a considerable extra expense that is likely the last thing you need. The good news is there are definitely ways to be insured after a conviction and even find rates that are relatively easy to manage. True, they may not be as low as for someone with a spotless driving record, but they are often reasonable anyway.

Speeding + Dangerous Driving Ban: Find + Compare Car Insurance Quotes after Disqualification

Though we’d all like it if we never got stopped by the police for anything traffic related or otherwise, the fact is that it’s a fairly common occurrence for drivers to be caught for speeding by a camera or radar trap and given tickets. Sometimes if enough of these tickets are received, a driving ban can be imposed on a speeding or dangerous driving ban can be imposed on a driver. This is a real inconvenience and drivers may find that when their licenses are reinstated, companies are reluctant to insure them or that the premiums that they have to pay have increased substantially. The Question of how to find the most affordable car insurance rates after a driving ban thus comes to the fore.

Drink Drivers: Getting Insured After A Drunk Driving Ban / DUI

All drivers that have been convicted of drink driving will be quoted considerably higher premiums than they paid prior to the conviction. There are many companies that refuse to insure drivers with a drink driving conviction. This is an unavoidable circumstance of receiving such a conviction, however there are several brokers that spcialise in providing cover for drivers with convictions.

These specialised brokers offer policies that reduce driver's premiums irrespective of a drink driving conviction. Several insurance providers also recognise and take into consideration drivers that have completed The Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course. The completion of this course is effective in further reducing insurance premiums as well as minimising the length of the driving ban by approximately twenty five percent.